Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Shopping "Haul": Lilly Pulitzer, Britt Ryan, Melly M, Vineyard Vines

I'm very proud of my latest shopping "haul".  I've been on a mission for a while to score some good Britt Ryan pieces, and I've finally done it!  My two recent Britt Ryan pieces came from a local store called Sweet Repeats, which is part consignment store, part high-end boutique leftovers.  Basically, they sell designer consignment items and leftover pieces from local boutiques when they are past season.  Anyways, I scored an awesome dress and silk top, both with original tags!

Britt Ryan Fuchsia Pinwheel Dress, Size 8 (which I'll need to have tailored)
Originally $298, purchased for $54.50

Britt Ryan Silk Seahorses Cami
Originally $228, purchased for $49.50

Rue La La was having a Nantucket Style event last week, which I discovered while browsing on my iPhone at the doctors office.  I'm so glad that I decided to poke around while I was bored and check out the items in the Nantucket Style shop, because they had tons of cute stuff!  They had quite a bit of Lilly, as well as some really cute dresses by Barbara Gerwit, Vineyard Vines, and several other popular preppy designers.  I still had a few days worth of free shipping on my "Rue30", so I snagged a couple of things before they sold out, and I'm very proud about it :)

Pink Lilly Seersucker Sleeveless Dress
Originally $198, purchased for $69.90

Vineyard Vines Navy and Cream Fish Skirt
Originally $118, purchased for $49.90

Lilly Pulitzer Buoys Skirt
Originally $78, purchased for $29.90

Melly M Links Shirt
Orignally $198, purchased for $49.90

I'm pretty well stocked up for the season, so I doubt I'll be doing much more shopping, at least for the near future.  I've had several other shopping trips over the past month or so, so I'll try to post some of my favorite finds from those whenever things get back from the tailor/drycleaners. 

Don't forget to check out Rue La La, there are new events posted every day, and I've seen some really good stuff coming for Spring!

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