Monday, August 27, 2012

Guest Room #2: Tan, Light Blue, White... and Chevron

So i've officially decided on what I'm going to do for our 2 guest rooms in our new place when we move! 

Side note: My game plan is predicated upon the fact that we end up purchasing a 3 bedroom house rather than a 4 bedroom.  I don't know if I have the creative energy to come up with design plans for 3 extra bedrooms (lol), but we'll cross that bridge if/when we come to it.

The other day I shared my love of the look of navy & white with you, and I've decided to go with that for one of the guest rooms.  For that guest room, we are going to use a single twin bed instead of a queen.... hopefully that will allow us the space to add a crib to the room in the future:)  My thought is that navy & white is really gender neutral, as well as classic.

For the OTHER guest room, I'm going with light blue, tan/beige, and white with touches of gold.
 I've already begun the ordering process of some of the pieces for the room (thank God for Etsy!), including some light blue chevron pillows, tan beskirt, monogrammed accent pillow, and material for the duvet cover.  I'm also lucky that my wonderful Aunt and cousin are giving me their unwanted Hollywood Regency dresser and nightstand to use..... and my amazing Godmother is painting the pieces white for me!!  I know, seriously, I have THE BEST family.

Then, this past weekend, I found this really cool light blue nightstand at the flea market and I negotiated the seller down to $70!  My game plan is to use it on the other side of the bed, for a mis-matched eclectic look.  Anyways, here's my design board so you can see more of my vision:


What do you think?  I'd appreciate any tips on great accessories.

I'm starting to love the idea of this room so much that I think I might want to sleep there instead of my own room!  My husband keeps telling me that we should just use this as our master bedroom instead, but I'm not so sure.... we need more furniture than this, we have too much stuff!!

Our NEW OLD house!

I know it's taken me forever to post pictures of the house that we are in the middle of buying, but here it is! Meet our historic district house on the Plaza in Midwood Charlotte:)

Some of our favorite details: vintage glass doorknobs throughout, inlaid hardwoods in entire home, original glass windows, stone wall surrounding the property, and the English style garden in the back.

We are 95% of the way through our inspections/appraisals, so keep your fingers crossed that everything else will go smoothly so that we can close on time!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Navy & white for one of our guest rooms?

So it's official.  We move to Charlotte the third week and October!!  House hunting starts next weekend, and hopefully we can find the perfect 3-4 bedroom place in the Myers Park and surround uptown neighborhoods.  **Fingers crossed!**
I'm still not 100% sure how I feel about the whole moving thing, but I am trying to focus on how exciting it's going to be to decorate an entire new space.  :)  Right now, all we have is a master, and open floor plan kitchen/dining/living.  So that means there will be a lot of work for me to do decorating our new place!
I'm trying to come up with guest bedroom color schemes, and Navy and White is one of the looks that I have on my mind.  I'm thinking maybe taupe walls (NOT navy paint), with mostly white linens, and touches of graphic navy patterns, and Gold accents.

Very cool rug in this one.  I'm trying to hunt for a cool patterened rug as my inspiration.

I like the balance of the navy/white in this one:

YES to mixing patterns! Maybe not this much, but still.

And here is ANOTHER thing I'm torn about... I think that I want one guest room to have a QUEEN bed, and maybe the other one to have TWO TWIN beds.... thoughts???  (Obviously, two totally different design themes)

Love the greek key detailing......  but I only like to use it in small quantities!

The headboard is cool, but I'm leaning more towards painted metal/wrought iron.

I'm also on the hunt to find something that I can DIY to replicate the mirror like this....
I love horizontal wide-striped drapes (maybe a little thicker stripes than this) against taupe walls.  I think a few graphic pillows against crisp white linens would be pretty.
The throw might be a little much, but it is SERIOUSLY hard to find a decent navy and white throw that isn't $200.

I'll keep you updated as my design process progresses and as I collect things for my new space... wish me luck!