Friday, March 15, 2013

Our Tan & Blue Guest Room

I know that it's taken me FOREVER and a day to post pictures of our pretty-much-finished main guest room, but I've finally gotten around to it!  In my defense, we have had guests staying with us almost every weekend since we've moved in.  It's been great, and so far, everyone really enjoys staying in the room :)  We are still waiting on one more piece of furniture, a hollywood regency inspired white bamboo dresser that my Aunt painted and is bringing down from Connecticut for me, and then it's D-O-N-E.

Here are some pictures of what it looks like so far:

This nightstand used to belong to my cousin Katie.  Her Mom, my other Aunt, got it for free from a furniture consignment store!   Unbelievable, right?  (Getting deals runs in my genes,  I swear)  When they saw how much I loved it, they generously offered to give the whole set to me!  My other Aunt (who is also my wonderful Godmother) painted it white for me so that it would match the rest of the room.

I found this nighstand at the flea market in Raleigh.  It was already painted the perfect shade of light aqua blue, and had some really nice vintage details and wear on it.  I negotiated the guy down to $50 for this beauty :)

Our little chair came from IKEA, and with the slipcover, cost us a whopping $149.

The chevron pillows and chevron valances are from Etsy, courtesy of Modernality2.  The owner, Tara, custom made the valances for me, and they only cost $40!  The pillows were about $15 each.  The tan monogrammed pillow is also from Etsy, but from a different shop.

The long blue silk drapes are from, as are all of the bed linens, duvet cover, and blanket.

The lamps are from Target, and I just spray painted their bases with gold spray paint..... I bought them like 5 years ago for $15, but I'm pretty sure they still sell something similar in their cheap college-y section.

The mirror above the bed (which just so happens to be one of my favorite things in the room!) is from Martha Stewart for Home Depot, and was less than $30!  Such an awesome find, and it doesn't look cheap at all.

I bought the headboard while we were still living in Cary from Wayfair.  When we finally moved into our house, I realized that it wasn't the right color :(  So naturally, I did what I do with everything else...... I spray painted it!  I used a gold metallic paint to create a worn vintage look, similar to the finish on the mirror.  I think it turned out fairly well, considering that the heaboard was a mistake lol.

I'll try to post more pictures in April when the dresser arrives and I finish that side of the room.

This entire room cost less than $1500!

Here's where you can get everything: 
(just click on each item and the link will take you to the product)

Robin's Egg Silk Drapery Panel

Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover set

Spa Blue Throw Blanket

Tan Microfiber Bedskirt

Tufted Arch Upholstered Headboard

Martha Stewart Sunburst Mirror

Chevron Throw Pillows

Chevron Window Valances

Monogrammed Pillow Cover

Natural TULLSTA chair

If you have any questions on where to find something, just let me know!

Now I have to go get the house ready, because my little brother and eight (yes, 8!!) of his college friends are spending the night with us on their way back from Spring Break. I know that you're probably thinking "you are insane". Possibly I am, but these kids go to Notre Dame so they are all super awesome and polite, and we are actually really looking forward to having them here and celebrating St. Patrick's Day with them. GO IRISH!

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