Thursday, April 05, 2012

Yellow spaces = happy places :)

Camille Saum, via Traditional Home Mag
Yellow is such a cheerful and happy color.   I think that all cranky people should be required to paint their bedrooms yellow.... it's impossible to be cranky when you wake up in a sea of sunshine every day:)   I'm in love with these sunshiney-yellow rooms, and I especially love the creative ways that designers are using the color.   From floor-to-ceiling monochromatic soft yellows, to dandelion hued linens and furniture, it all works.   Inspiration:

Design by Barry Dixon, photo from Traditional Home
Design by David Herchik
(How amazing are these elegant yellow armchairs??)


Photo from Traditional Home, design by David Herchik
Design by Julie Kays,
photo from Traditional Home

Julie Massucco Kleiner design,
via Traditional Home magazine
(ADORE the look of the unexpected yellow curtains in the formal dining room)
By Tobi Fairley

The high contrast between the navy blue and bright yellow is perfect paired with the subtle brown, gray, and cream..... very traditional and elegant!
Max Azria home

Photo from Southern Living

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