Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fab-u-lous Pillows

from Etsy.com
I'm a card carrying member of T.P.A.A.   For those of you that don't know, that stands for Throw Pillow Addicts Anonymous.   I think this addiction started back in the day when the show Trading Spaces was on the air.   Hopefully I'm not the only one who remembers that show.....Vern Yip or Genevieve Gorder ring a bell for anyone??   Anyways, I loved that show.   And one of the most important things that I learned from watching the show is that the easiest way to change your decor is by changing the throw pillows.   It's fairly inexpensive too.  
Photo from designer Caitlin Wilson's blog

If you're ambitious, you can always seek out cute fabrics and sew your own (or do a no-sew version).   But there are plenty of gorgeous pre-made options too.   There are some amazing designer options available right now that feature the trendy mod patterns, but you can also find more inexpensive options at places like HomeGoods, Target, etc.  
Pillows on my couch
(left, Chevron from Target $19.99
right, Caitlin Wilson Pillow Cover $70)

I have absolutely no qualms about using a combination of the two.   Currently, I have chevron pillows (from Target, $19.99) and interlocking trellis pillows (covers from Caitlin Wilson Textiles, $70) side by side on the couches in my living room.   I like mixing different styles so that the room doesn't look so "matchy-matchy".

Pillow by Willa Skye Home via Etsy

Photo from Sew Mama Sew
Designer Tip:  If you want your pillows to look like the ones that you see in designer home magazines, ditch the poly-fill pillow inserts, and opt for feather pillow inserts instead.  Not only are they WAY more comfortable, but they look more elegant and are easier to shape and fluff too.   Normally these kind of inserts run in the $60-$80 range. 

However, I found a great alternative at Crate & Barrel.  (Here's the link:  http://www.crateandbarrel.com/search.aspx?query=pillow%20inserts )  These feather inserts are available in a wide array of sizes, and they are allergen-free.  I ordered the 18x18 and the 20x20 sizes, and I was impressed by the quality.   I really wasn't expecting much when I placed the order, because I didn't think that they would be exactly what I was looking for, mostly because they were so cheap.   But they completely surpassed my expectations, and they are exactly the same as the $80 feather version!

Caitlin Wilson Textiles

DL Rhein
Try to look for pillows that are have covers; make sure they have a zipper where you can remove the pillow cover off of the pillow itself.   That way, the fabric on the pillow can be removed and washed if it gets dirty.   And FYI, don't knock your Grandma's advice to use Scotch Guard.   Using a very light spray coating of Scotch Guard makes the fabric stain and water resistant, and it also protects the colors of the fabric as well!

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