Thursday, July 26, 2012

Coral & Grey: Contemplating a master bedroom refresh...

Therre is a significant chance that my husband and I will be relocating in the next few months, and thinking about finding a new place to live has me craving a new master bedroom makeover.   The thing is, I really don't want to start from scratch.  Whenever we move, i'll have to design the other bedrooms (no clue what I want to do there yet!), so i'll already have my hands full.  Since I still like existing pieces we have in our bedroom design right now, I figured that it would be much more practical to do a "refresh" instead.  Currently, our room is a mix of crisp white, silver, and dark grey. 

To get a fresh look, i'm contemplating throwing in coral and mixed patterns.  I don't want coral all over the place, just pops of it.  I kind of like the way coral and neutrals (especially grey) look together.....

I like the balance of the coral in this room.... but I think there is too much white for my taste.

I think these coral and grey invitations are just too cute!

How gorgeous is this graphic headboard???

Some more cool rooms with the coral/grey palatte:

This bedroom is probably the closest thing I've found to the look I'm going for:

More bright pops of coral....

Here's the inspiration for my "theme board":

Photo from Centsational Girl (love this headboard)

I've already ordered some of the new pieces for our room, and they are on their way:)  I'll be sure to post some before & after pics as soon as the new stuff arrives! Hopefully I'll be able to get everything added to our room before we actually have to move.....

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