Monday, July 16, 2012

Beach Glass Inspiration: Light Blue, Seafoam Green, Aqua

My husband and I spent the past weekend at the beach in NC with one of my closest friends, Christy.   SO relaxing :)

Staring at the ocean and surrounding views inspired me to write this post....
So thanks, Christy, and thanks to Wrightsville Beach!

Beach Inspired Interior Design

I love the light aqua here....

Soft blue and white dining room....

Bright and calming spaces:

I love how the interiors of beach houses can be overtly "seaside-ish".... generally the colors stay in the sea glass family.

Kind of digging the green kitchen!

These bedrooms are the kind that you would never want to leave.

Some more of my favs:

Bedrooms that make you NOT want to get out of bed!

Pale shades of seafoam.

Bright pops of turquoise are fun too.... I really love how it looks when they are off-set with dark metals, wood, and mirrors.

And my personal #1:
Light blue zebra.... who would've thought?   And it totally works!

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