Monday, March 31, 2014

New Kitchen Lighting Project

New project time!!!
When we were designing our kitchen lighting during our renovation over a year ago, I basically ran out of creative steam. 
I was making so many decisions all at once, and we were encountering so many issues, that I remember reaching a point towards the end where I was pretty much saying:
"Suuuuuuuuure, whatever!  It doesn't matter, that's FINE...."

Not only can I not stand my fixtures now, but there are also dark spots ALL over my kitchen.
Time to correct that! YAY :)
We have decided to go with a recessed can and pendant light combination for our new lighting scheme.
Here are the polished nickel KICHLER pendants that I chose for either side of the sink:

We're using 4" recessed cans with glass diffusers on them.  Because we're putting in so many of them (in addition to taking our old fixtures out), we're essentially going to have to re-do our entire ceiling.
This is a picture of standard can lights:

This is what we are using:
I really just think that the 4" recessed can lights with diffusers look much more 'designer'.  They still solve the lighting issues, and are aesthetically pleasing too.
The crazy part is that our entire kitchen ceiling is going to be turned into a "hot mess" because of the wiring installation process.  Translation:  LOTS of sheetrock and plaster dust, turning my home into a yucky dusty mess.
I'm looking forward to showing you guys the finished product tho!
Stay tuned.....
The big kitchen lighting reveal is coming this week!!

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  1. Could you please tell us what color stain you used on your BEAUTIFUL hardwood parquet floors? How many coats and what kind and how many coats of poly? Any advice? They are my inspiration! Thanks in advance!