Monday, March 10, 2014

Master Bedroom Reveal

Our master bedroom is finally done!
It only took over a year to get my act together and finish it... and share it too! lol

I'm really happy with it now.  I used to prefer every other room in the house to ours, but now our bedroom is my favorite room in the house!

I found these apothecary cabinets at Target, of all places.  Purchased on sale, they were only $100 each!  And the best thing about them is that the bottom 2 rows of mini drawers are actually false.... instead they are 2 normal sized pull out drawers.  Tons of storage for the stuff that we want to hide!

It's completely unlike every other space --- very monochromatic and soothing.  The only 'real' color I used in here was a soft mauve-y pink.  Everything else is in the neutral color palette.

One of my favorite parts of our new space is my little vanity area.  Not only does it make really great use of this awkward space in our bedroom, but it's really practical too. 

I purchased the "vanity" at Target, and spray painted + hand painted it a high gloss white.

We only have one full bath upstairs right now, so when guests come to visit, it's the perfect place for us to get ready while guests use the bathroom.  Plus, I can stash all my "girl stuff" in her.  Function + beautiful.... that's what great design is all about.

I'm also really proud of my little DIY fireplace makeover.  Thanks for the idea, Ashleigh! :)

In this house, the word "done" is laughable.  As my husband well knows, I'm never really "done" with anything. 
Truthfully though, the only things that we have left to do in our bedroom design-wise are installing a chandelier over the vanity dressing area, and adding new craftsman crown trim to the ceiling.  That's pretty good for me!
Guess I forgot to mention that I just decided to re-do the ceiling and all of the lighting in our kitchen.... and I want it all done before May 2014.

Oh, and because my business has been going really well, I'm moving out of the small guest room and converting our weird walk-in storage room into a workspace for me. 
No biggie -- just a 3 month long renovation that includes all new electrical, flooring, custom shelving, and paint etc.  Super duper excited about this project!

My poor, poor, supportive husband..... lol ;)


  1. Hi Michelle, love the desk!! I really want to copycat that makeover, but don't have much experience with painting you have any tips? Steps you took, materials you used/would recommend, anything would be useful! Thank you!

  2. Wow! The bedroom looks luxurious, indeed. It's difficult to mix and match colors when it comes to bed covers and pillowcases, so I'm very much surprised to see that you succeeded with yours. The palette of the pillows and bed harmonizes well, which made the patterns of the pillowcases pop beautifully. Good job on that project, Michelle! All the best to you! :)

    Melissa Robinson @ Pillow Perfect, Inc.