Friday, November 08, 2013

Upstairs Hallway Makeover: Gallery Wall

So, I actually did this several months ago. . .
and I'm just now getting around to posting about it ;) 
Welcome to my life.

Anywhooo. . .
This is what I did with my upstairs hallway!

Before it was just a blank slate --- and I mean there was nothing there. Which is actually kind of fun, because a blank slate means that you can do anything that you want with it!

My biggest challenge with the space was the budget.  Basically, I wanted to try to do the entire thing
 for under $200.
I know, kind of crazy right?
My starting point was the console table.  I found it at Marshall's and it was an ugly brownish mahogany color, made very cheaply with bad wood.  But I liked the scale and lines of the table, and thought it could work for the hallway.   
It was on clearance for $65, and I saw that there were some damaged areas on it (nicks and scratches) so I decided to see if I could negotiate the price even lower. 
After talking to a manager, I ended up getting it for $50!
After giving it a quick light sand, I spray painted it with Rustoleum Ultra Cover paint in Gloss Spa Blue.  It takes a few coats to get a saturated look, but I just love the pop of color it gives the hallway! 
I had some vintage hardware in my home décor stockpile, so I drilled holes and added it to the front to make it look like there is a drawer.
Not bad for a total investment of around $55!


All of the items on the wall are frames and things that I already had from our old place.  I simply used spray paint to add some depth to the wall by bringing in different colors.  The black frames are what they originally looked like (from Target). 

The mirror is from Target as well, and I simply spray painted it gold to make it 'pop'.  I adore the quatrefoil shape, and if you look closely, it echoes the pattern in the rugs. 
(P.S. The rugs are actually from Garden Ridge, and cost $30 EACH!  Another incredible deal.)

Almost all of the accessories are from Marshall's too  The faux orange floral, the rustic basket, the sand timer, the candlestick, white lantern, the "L".... all of this for $60!!  You can't beat Marshall's and Homegoods for odds & ends accessories on a budget ;)
So my total cost for this makeover?
~ $175.

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