Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Finished Living Room

My first priority the day that all of our stuff was delivered was to unpack, place all the furniture, and then decorate our living room.  Since it is really the main living area, I knew that we'd be spending lots of time in the room, so it was important to get it ready to go as quickly as possible.  48 hours later, here is what the finished product looked like:

One of my favorite things in the entire space is my coffee table.  If you remember from an earlier post, my hubby and I found the table at a lighting store (of all places! lol) called Lee Lighting in Huntersville.  We were there on a trip to find light fixtures for our bathroom, but when I saw that they were having a 50% off sale on furniture, I knew that this gilt and mirror table had to come home with me!  It's just the right proportions, and I think it makes the room.

Don't you love how my little guy Donut is snuggled up on the couch? lol He just loves this room... I swear that dog might as well be a cat as much as he likes to sun himself.

The rug is something I picked up from the 75% off sale that Rugs USA was having back in October.  I wasn't sure how it would blend with all the other patterns in the room, but now that it's in, I like it.  Plus, it was a steal, which makes me like it even more. :)

The bookcases are from Target (circa 2007), and to make them look less cheap, I removed the back lining so that you could see all the way through the shelves to the wall color.  After they were accessorized, you can hardly tell what they were before.

I made most of the pillows and slipcovers in the room with fabric that I got from a local store, but the chevron pillows (and lampshades) are from Target.  The teal fretwork pillows are my inspiration for the entire room, and I ordered them from Caitlin Wilson Textiles.

I'm also super excited about our wooden monograms that just came in from Southern Proper Monograms. 

We ordered two: a larger one for our front door (which I will post after we get our new door put in), and a medium sized one for our sunroom door.  I spray painted it black with Rustoleum (good for outdoors).  Because there's no way to hang the monogram from the center without it tilting, I had to improvise and get creative with some wired ribbon.  The finished product is pretty cute!

Don't worry, we are replacing that ugly doorknob and lock-set.  I want something that has a more decorative lever handle... hopefully we'll get that done soon!

I'll be posting more of the rest of the house soon!

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