Thursday, November 08, 2012

Luxe Style Spotlight: Shop Sosie

Let me introduce you to Shop Sosie: a great resource for affordable trendy fashion.  If you've already heard of it, good for you:)  But hopefully I'm not the last person to find out about this oober cute site!  I stumbled across an ad for ShopSosie when I was browsing a new fashion blog....I couldn't resist clicking (my curiosity got the best of me), and I'm glad I did.

Think H&M/Forever21 prices, with more of a Shop It To Me, higher-quality, JCrew kind of feel.  LOVE.

Some of my picks:
Forever Zig Zag Long Sleeve Shift Dress in Classic

Darcy 3/4 Square Blouse in Mint

Daily Zig Zag Blouse in Nautical

Love Link Bracelet

Bateau neck blouse in elephant
Cute, right?  They have tons of other stuff on the site, and a lot of reallllly cheap deals in their sale section.

Shop here: ShopSosie

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