Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Paint + Furniture :)

Ever since I discovered Etsy, I've been on this "paint-wood-furniture-plastic-or-anything-else-that-I-see" kick.   And for good reason--- look at how easy it is to turn ugly into chic with a few coats of paint!   My other discovery -- flea markets -- has only served to fuel this obsession even further.  
Source: via Michelle on Pinterest

Now, my Grandmother would absolutely FREAK if she knew just how much I love to paint wood.  

Last week when I was visiting her, I made the mistake of disclosing that I intended to take these maple greek-revival chairs that my Aunt was giving me and paint them white.

Source: via Michelle on Pinterest

Baaaaaad idea.   I thought she was going to have an annurism.  

People from her generation are of the mindset that there is a special place in hell for people who paint anything made of wood.   People like me see the dated wood furniture that people from her generation left by the curb, and we give it new life and a modern look with some paint and updated hardware :-)

See??   How can you possibly argue with that makeover?  

Source: via Michelle on Pinterest
Source: via Michelle on Pinterest

In love with the idea of this vintage french blue dresser...possibly for a baby's room?

amazing how-to in 3 steps from

I wish that I was brave enough to paint my own furniture a bold pop color, but for now I think i'll stick with white, cream, muted greys/silver, and blue-greens.


  1. We painted all of our bedroom furniture when we moved. Black with new hardware. One piece, that was my mom's dresser and then mine, we painted turquoise. I love it more than is healthy to love. :) We're all about painting some furniture over here. (Or ceiling fans, lamps, pretty much you name it, we'll paint it.) Hope we can see you soon!

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