Friday, May 04, 2012

Fabulous Summer Finds for $100 or Less

I'm a big believer that things don't have to be expensive in order to be cute.   Even though I was born with disproportionately expensive tastes, I love finding adorable designer look-a-likes almost as much as I love the real thing.  

I regularly wear my favorite designers right next to things like a  $4.99 ring that I bought at H&M.   I guess in my head, the inexpensive item balances out the other when it comes to the overall budget of the whole outfit!   It sounds funny, but if you think about it, mixing the "cheap" with the "chic" does make sense.   Saving money by carefully integrating some more affordable pieces into your wardrobe gives you more money to spend on the rest of your look!  

$100 should be MORE than enough when it comes to a single piece of fashion--- although judging by a lot of high-end price tags, I don't think designers got the memo.   You should be able to strike a balance between style, fashion trends, and quality in the >$100 price range.   Sometimes you have to search beyond Forever21 and H&M, but if you look hard enough, you can find stylish additions for your wardrobe for less than $100.  

Here are some of my favorites for Summer:


Bracelets under $100
Bracelets under $100 part II
1. Black & White Harlequin Bangle, $15 (available at
2. Gold Stud Stretch Bracelet, $59 (available at
3. Yellow Leather Wrap Bracelet, $59 (available at
4. Navy and White Enamel Stripe Bangle, $30 (available at
5. Faux Tortoise-Shell Stretch Bracelet, $4.88 (available at
6. Anabel's Chunky Pink Acrylic Cuff, $23 (available at
7. Horseshoe Clap Woven Leather Bracelet, $32 (available at


More Dresses under $100
Dresses under $100

1. Pleated Ivory Strap Dress, $56 (available at
2. Floral Belted Dress, $90 (available at
3. Taupe Ruffle Strap Sun Dress, $56 (available at
4. Strapless Blue & White Floral Dress, $40 (available at
5. Coral Bandeau Dippy Hem Maxi, $65 (available at
6. Bohemian Floral Chiffon Maxi, $43 (available at
7. Pale Yellow Tuxedo Ruffle Sun Dress, $20 (available at
8. Monrow Maxi Tank Dress, $74 (available at
9. 2 in 1 White & Coral Criss Cross Dress, $35 (available at
10. Striped Corset Top Clover Dress, $63 (available at


Earrings under $100
Earrings under $100 Part II
1. Khloe's Crystal Blue Pear Earrings, $23 (available at
2. Alvina Abramova Blue Opal Earrings, $50 (available at
3. Crystal Beaded Gold Hoop Earrings, $38 (available at
4. Peach Caviar Stud Earrings, $12 (available at
5. Pink Seedbead Knot Earrings, $9.09 (available at
6. Vanessa Mooney Bright Multi Wafer Disc Hoops, $42 (available at
7. Moschitto Filigree Resin Earrings
8. Friis & Co Gold Fly Earrings, $23 (available at


Tops under $100
Tops under $100 part II

1. White Bow-Front Blouse, $24 (available at
2. Aqua V-back Sun Tank, $46 (available at
3. French Connection Matelot Tank Top, $52 (available at
4. Element Kaleidescope Tank, $24 (available at
5. Mustard Yellow Bow-tie Open Back Tank, $44 (available at
6. Navy Cotton Button Camisole with Bow, $50 (available at
7. Teal Tanager Tank, $49 (available at
8. Cotton Colorblock Tee, $45 (available at
9. Polka Dot Chiffon Bow-neck Blouse, $21 (available at


Necklaces under $100
Necklaces under $100 Part II
1. Stella & Dot Turquoise Rope Necklace, $59 (available at
2. Sakdidet Road Feather Necklace, $49 (available at
3. Haberdash House Resin Chain Necklace, $40 (available at
4. Chunky Stone Necklace, $40 (available at
5. Pow Pendant Necklace, $11 (available at
6. Miso Nude Acrylic Bead Necklace, $19 (available at
7. Green Tessellate Necklace, $85 (available at
8. Kenneth Jay Lane Red Spike Necklace, $80 (available at
9. Brass Little Bird Necklace, $24 (available at


Shorts under $100
Shorts under $100 Part II
1. 3" Pink Chino Cotton Short, $45 (available at
2. DVF 1974 Miggy Shorts, $57 (available at
3. Lipsy Lace Shorts, $57 (available at
4. Yellow Chino Cotton Short, $45 (available at
5. Paul & Joe High Waist Yellow Shorts, $60 (available at
6. Mini Delicious Apple Shorts, $55 (available at
7. White Cotton Sateen Bermuda Shorts, $29 (available at
8. Green Bungalow Stripe Shorts, $60 (available at
9. Purple Stretch Twill Short, $50 (available at


Shoes under $100
Shoes under $100 part II

1. DVF Lush Rubber Flip Flops, $50 (available at
2. DV by Dolce Vita Archer, $69 (available at
3. Nine West "Laffnplay" Wedge Sandals, $89 (available at
4. France Leather Link Flat Sandal, $64 (available at
5. Nine West Nancita Flip Flop, $45 (available at
6. Steve Madden Tampaa Wedge, $90 (available at
7. Metallic Trimmed Thong Sandal, $15 (available at
8. Harley Plaited Gold Sandals, $44 (available at
9. Tassle T-Strap Thong Sandal, $13 (available at
10. Seychelles Midas Touch, $95 (available at


Bags under $100
Bags under $100 part II

1. Urban Expressions Wood-handled Cloth Bag, $45 (available at
2. Warehouse Straw Shopper, $51 (available at
3. Yellow Stripe Beach Shopper, $39 (available at
4. Kelly & Kate Two-Toned Straw Tote, $40 (available at
5. Coral Double-Pocket Clutch, $50 (available at
6. Bird Print Chain Clutch, $23 (available at
7. Color Block Cross Body Bag, $25 (available at
8. G. Corazon6 Patent Top Handle Bag, $80 (available at
9. Sailor Tote, $20 (available at
10. Hard-Framed Straw Satchel, $40 (available at

The time to get the best selection for Summer is NOW---- so get shopping!

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